ExBEERimental Science 2023

At Shambles, we’ve have always had a deep appreciation for the scientific artistry behind brewing exceptional beers. That’s why we are thrilled to brew for and host the upcoming ExBEERimental Science event, organized by Science Made Beerable during National Science Week on the 17th of August.

This is a one-of-a-kind experience that delves into the intricate science behind brewing. For this year’s edition, tree independent Australian breweries, including Shambles, have been challenged to create two experimental beers that showcase the scientific principles and processes of brewing.

Why two beers? Each brewery had to brew a set of beers that essentially have the same ingredients and conditions as one another… except for one key experimental difference.


We focused on the hypothesis, “Does haze make an IPA better?” To test this, we brewed two beers using the same recipe. The Hazy/Control IPA followed conventional wisdom, featuring an abundance of oats and wheat, no finings, a generous dry-hop, and no filtration. It’s a classic “juicy hop-bomb” with a velvety mouthfeel and an explosion of tropical fruit flavors.

In contrast, our Hazy/Expmt IPA embraced modern techniques, including finings, centrifugation, and even a touch of mystical moonlit magic. This “New-World Hazy” IPA challenges perceptions by delivering a bright and clear beer without sacrificing the juicy characteristics associated with haze. Close your eyes, take a sip, and ask yourself: Does Haze really impact the taste of the beer? We will find the answers togheter.

Also part of the experiment were:

Range Brewing – “Can you dry hop with spent hops?”

“In with the Old” 5.2% Pale Ale
Out with the New” 5.2 % Pale Ale

Molly Rose –  “What impacts can a yeast strain have on a beer?” 

“Adorned” 6.6% Belgian Dubbel
“Polished” 6.4% Bock

We invite you to be the test subjects as we put these experimental beers under the microscope at our live panel discussion on Thursday 17 August from 7 PM.

The event will feature a panel discussion with brewers and an engaged audience, where we will sip on these unique beers while passionately discussing the science behind them.



Hoping to meet the brewers in person? We’ve got limited spots for the live audience for the panel event at Shambles Brewery, Hobart. Included in the audience ticket, you’ll get to taste all six beers as we hypothesise with the brewers

GET YOUR AUDIENCE TICKET HERE: https://events.humanitix.com/exbeerimental-science-2023



Joining from the big island or just hoping to stay in on a freezing August night? Order your ExBEERimental Science 6-Pack from @blackheartswine and watch the livestream from home! 6-packs will be delivered Australia-wide shortly before the event. The event will then be streamed live on Facebook at 7 PM so you can watch from your couch. 6-packs are very limited, so avoid missing out and place your order by the 10th of August!

GET YOUR 6-PACK HERE: https://www.blackheartsandsparrows.com.au/products/32417/exbeerimental-science-pack



Are you wanting to attend in Tassie but can’t be bothered driving down the Midland highway to Hobart? This year, we’ve introduced watch parties so you can watch from within your local pub! We’ve got two watch party venues on board who will stream the live event with all six event beers on tap! @empresscraftbeer will be hosting for those in North-west Tassie while @saintjohncraftbeer has Launceston covered. 

Want to secure your spot? Head to their socials to find out more.

Sponsored by @hopproductsaustralia, @voyager_craft_malt, @bluestoneyeast, @konvoykegs, @nationalscienceweek, @inspiringtasau

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