/ˈʃamb(ə)lz/ noun

  1. informal: A state of total disorder.
    ”Our jobs were a complete shambles, so we decided to quit and start a brewery.”
  2. archaic: a meat market or slaughterhouse
    synonyms: chaos, mess, confusion, disarray, havoc

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We love beer as much as you do.
Come visit us: 222 Elizabeth Street, Hobart

Opening Hours

We’d like to say we’re open anytime day or night but then no work would ever get done…

So instead we are open:
Wed-Thu from 4pm till 10pm
Fri-Sat from 12pm till late
Sun from 12pm till 9pm
We close on most public holidays


Afternoon Delight

Dances With Hops

Baggy Green

The Big Guy

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